Solutions We Offer

Financial Wellness

By analyzing our client’s income and expenses, we can create a strategic cash flow plan to balance current needs with future needs – making your financial objectives attainable. Once a plan is in place, timely reviews monitor spending trends and make adjustments if necessary. Furthermore, we’ll also set up a suitable emergency fund tailored to the client to help them prepare for the unexpected.

Isn’t it a relief when you walk out of the doctor’s office with a clean bill of health? At Benold Financial Planning, monitoring cash flow along with your plan works exactly the same way.

Debt Management

Are you ready to take control of your debt? We’ll do a comprehensive review of all outstanding debt (from credit cards to mortgage) and determine areas for improvement. Next, we’ll implement a plan for improving debt management and reducing overall debt. By comparing debt payments and interest rates to investment returns, we develop a holistic debt management strategy for your specific situation.

Retirement Planning

What does your retirement plan look like? How much money will you need to live the retirement you want? It’s time to do more with your retirement money, by doing more with your retirement planning. We help bring your retirement dreams to life by projecting retirement costs, investing funds in portfolios, capitalize on various retirement accounts and maximizing social security benefits. Our long-term care planning makes provisions to help protect your assets you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating.

Moreover, we evaluate the client's work-related and tax-deferred retirement plans. All of our plans are dedicated to ensuring enough post retirement income that will allow you to live securely and comfortably.

Investment Management

A well-crafted investment strategy is centered on you. This is why we always begin by having our clients fill out a risk tolerance assessment. Once we understand each client’s needs and tolerance for risk, we can guide their investments in a way that reflects their specific situation and needs. When striving to accomplish desired objectives, we work closely with you to create and manage a well-diversified investment portfolio, closely monitor its performance and re-balance or reallocate funds when necessary.

Tax Planning

Ready to properly plan your taxes to lower your tax liability? While we are not accountants, Benold Financial Planning can help you understand and manage your tax situation as part of your overall financial plan. We do this by managing your investments and making retirement saving recommendations based on each client’s unique tax circumstances. Our services also include projecting tax costs and minimizing taxation. Additionally, we strive to educate our clients on how taxes will change from pre to post retirement and about RMDs (required minimum distributions) on tax-deferred accounts.

Insurance Optimization

Insurance is an important aspect of almost any financial plan. Our advisors will provide personal guidance and review all insurance coverages and lapses on insurance contracts owned by the client. After an in-depth analysis of current and lapsed insurance coverages, our advisors will make recommendations based on individualized risk tolerance and financial circumstances. Examples of types of insurances we can review are life, health, disability, long term care, homeowners or renters, auto, and umbrella liability.

Financial Planning Process

1. Schedule Consultation

The process begins with establishing a relationship between the client and Benold Financial Planning, with an informal initial consultation. Your financial planner will explain their financial planning services.

2. Plan Creation

You've gathered the relevant information, now it's time to analyze it and create a financial plan. The plan will include specific action points for your personal goals such as cash flow analysis. income tax planning,

3. Implementation

With a plan in hand, both parties will carry out the recommendations thereby putting the plan into action. Various items may be carried out at varying time frames.