Benold Financial Planning's custom investment approach is designed to produce long-term investment results adhering to the principles of diversification and portfolio risk management. We begin by meeting with you to learn about your financial goals, risk tolerance and personal preferences. Next, we review your assets, cash flow patterns, tax planning and other factors that affect your investment horizon. This process provides long-term insight needed to create a plan that’s right for you. Our ongoing careful review of performance and rebalancing helps keep investments on track, reduces risk and maximizes your potential return.

Client Risk Tolerance

We use the Riskalyze questionnaire to pinpoint a client’s Risk Number®, which determines the level of risk the client is comfortable with. Determining a client’s risk tolerance is a critical piece of the puzzle in designing and constructing an appropriate asset allocation to help them achieve their financial goals. To find out your Risk Number® click here.

Unbiased Portfolio Creation

As fiduciaries, we pride ourselves on providing and fairly evaluating the vast array of investment opportunities available. Using the insight gained from Riskalyze, we tailor a diverse investment portfolio to meet each client’s individual needs. We screen each investment for fund quality, expense, tax efficiency and more. It is our goal to invest in a tax and cost-efficient manner, with a long-term perspective to achieving growth while mitigating risk.


Once the portfolio has been created, we will communicate to the client which investment assets to purchase. Afterwards, we monitor your accounts regularly, making modifications and recommendations when necessary. We also use your risk preference to ensure a balanced portfolio in accordance with your identified risk tolerance.


We manage your portfolio the way you would - carefully and in alignment with your individual goals. We rebalance investments quarterly to ensure your portfolio's performance is on the right path. Client education is important to us, which is why we provide detailed reports to ensure the client understands how their portfolio is performing and the reasoning behind our recommendations.

Financial Planning Process

1. Schedule Consultation

The process begins with establishing a relationship between the client and Benold Financial Planning, with an informal initial consultation. Your financial planner will explain their financial planning services.

2. Plan Creation

You've gathered the relevant information, now it's time to analyze it and create a financial plan. The plan will include specific action points for your personal goals such as cash flow analysis. income tax planning,

3. Implementation

With a plan in hand, both parties will carry out the recommendations thereby putting the plan into action. Various items may be carried out at varying time frames.

“If you don't take care of your money, your money won't take care of you”

Mac Duke